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Urine the 90s Now!
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Released by Raw Energy Records - Available in stores

Time Limited Offer!
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 W.D.Y.G (Alt. Mix) Johnny was a Punk (Alt. Mix)  This Whole World*  Twelve (Live) 
 Welcome (Live)  Patios & Beer (Live)  Human World*  Kicked in the Nuts*
 Situation Normal (SNAFU)* Gotta Get Sober*   Undertaker (Live)  Big Wet Kiss (Ripcordz)
 Big Rock Star (Live)  Killer Weed (Live)  She Drives Me Crazy*

* Tunes with an asterisk(*) were originally released on our other CDs. If you are downloading the other CDs these versions are identical. Most of the other tunes on this CD are either "Alternate Mixes" or "Live" versions of our tunes. The live tunes where recorded at the Greeks (Planet Kensington) in Kensington Market, Toronto. Read about it in "About this CD".