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Urine the 90s Now!
About this CD
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rusty & drew at the greeksUrine the 90s Now! Get it? Urine...You're in? What a knee slapper, eh? Ah, ya, okay now that we know Random Killing has a keen sense of humour anyone care to fart? Hell, I'm sure that would make us laugh for a week. But enough gut splitting humour you're here to find out "About this CD." Well for starters it has six tracks that were recorded live at The Greeks in Toronto's Kensington Market. Simon Head, who also mixed our "Stranded" CD, froze his butt off in the middle of winter sitting outside in his mobile recording trailer. For those of you who don't know The Greek's its a greasy spoon tavern haunted by crazy old bastard drunks and some Kensington area punks. Gee, I wonder if this place serves cheap booze? Anyway, it is about 10' x 40' and half of that is taken up by the kitchen and bar counter. Which leaves space for two tables at the back, which is where we setup! Recording at The Greek's was Drool's idea. There was no advertising he just told a few people to come down for a party and some music. It was just a bunch of friends having fun and getting very drunk with Random Killing as the backdrop.mike at the greek's If you listen hard you might be able to make out some of the voices in the backgound. Let's see I'm just trying' to remeber which of the local punk rock vocalist who's whos were there...Citizen Gregory from PolitiKill InCorect, Mopa Dean from Armed and Hammered, Al Nolans from Trigger Happy and Crazy Steve from Bunchofuckingoofs... Man, we must be some kinda "Big Rock Stars" (cheap beer) to warrant that kind of attendance! The band photos included on this page were taken that night. Just a minute... I need to look at the CD and figure out what's on it... Oh, ya, we included some favorite songs off of a couple other CDs. A few of them are alternate mixes that we had done at the time of the original recordings but didn't release. We also included a cover of a Ripcordz song that we did for a surprise compilation CD made for Paul Gott of Ripcordz and Engarde Records. Paul is in love with Joan Jett so we poked a little fun at him by including part of one of her tunes in the middle of Big Wet Kiss. Drool also personalized her lyrics so they are about Paul and the Ripcordz. This CD also has audio from video tapes of us hanging out on tour and some tv interviews in between each track. There is also some hidden stuff at the end of the CD but I can't remember exactly what... I think a couple of tunes and us trying to find a club in Victoria, BC.

Recorded: 1994-1996