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Mudd Rusty Drool Mike

You're not going to believe this but about 5 years ago we were invited to record some music for a series of kid's show animations. Which kid's show? Well, we're not saying but it is the BIGGEST kid's show on the planet! These animations are shown on national television throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia! It all happened like this... On our "Thoughts of Aggression" CD we recorded the song "Twelve," which we've been playing since 1984. One of the animators for this show heard the song, thought is was cool and asked the producer if they would be interested in using it for an animation. The next thing we know we are invited into the studio to record all the numbers from 1 to 12 using our music. They also asked us to do something for the letter "J" as we were wrapping up the session. Which we obliged with an instrumental version of "Johnny." They wound up creating animations to four of the numbers (2,3,4 and 12) plus the letter "J." These animations were originally meant just for the Canadian version of the show. However, the American show (the creators) liked them and purchased them for placement in their show which is distributed around the world! Cool, huh?! Check it out... >> Twelve (56k) | Twelve (broadband)