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To tell you the truth I can't even remeber this show... We played so many gigs at the Apocalypse Club (R.I.P.) that they all kind of blur into one another. However, I do remember playing with them at Spyder's Punkfest in 1993. Back when it was a more intimate gathering and the stage was attached to his house (one of the local hillbillies burned it down soon after). I think Spyder and and the UK Subs go back a ways... They came to play a single time slot and I guess enjoyed the party so much (or had no place to go) and wound up staying for the whole weekend and playing a couple of times. One of the photos on the inside photo montage of the Thoughts of Aggression CD (just to the right of the B&W photo) is us playing our last song (Patios & Beer) at that show before the UK Subs took the stage for the second time. You can see a few people participating on stage. The person grabbing the mic from Drool (he doesn't appear to be using it anyway - he's pouring a beer down his throat) is Costa (singer from Blood Sausage and Vulgar Deli) and I think the person singing to the right of him is Sean (drummer from Blood Sausage).