Read the follow-up at the end for a full explanation of this rant... No poster. However, we did play with Propagandhi April 2001. My recommendation - stay home and listen to the CD! Unless you like to pay high cover prices and be packed into a large hall to see 1200 kids waiving their arms in unison. Otherwise, this show was a sleeper. Am I bitter for some reason? Well, yes. These guys are class "A" jerks. How come? We were supposed to get 24 beer and when we asked for them we were told - Propagandhi drank your beer! I guess we should have been thankful to be on the same bill with them... Yeah, right! Well, like Prop says "Knowledge is Power" - Next time we'll stay home!


Update: We've received two messages claiming to be from Propogandhi. They are posted below. I somehow doubt these messages are from the band. They live in Winnipeg and the trace I did on these messages says they both originated in the state of ILLINOIS... I also doubt they would introduce themselves as being from Canadah, Eh! You be the judge...

------------- message 1 ----------------

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 19:39:09 -0600
Subject: beer
From: chris <>
To: <>

hi there,
my name is chris. i am in a band called Propagandhi from canada. i read your
memories of a show you apparently played with us in 2001 on your website.
we are sorry we drank your beer. i hope you can find it in your hearts to
forgive us.

chris/ propagandhi

------------- message 2 ----------------

Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 19:17:40 -0600
Subject: <no subject>
From: propagandhi <>
To: <>

hey dudes?i came acroos your poster pages on the net.class A jerks ,what
the hell.i don't even drink beer for fuck sakes.i think you guys might be
crying about nothing,no?hmm.... i don't get it. anyway see ya.. keep on



Up-update: Even though I don't think Propagandhi wrote these letters - upon further investigation it is likely they drank our beer without knowing it. It appears our beer was mistakenly delivered to their dressing room instead of ours so it is likely they and their entourage drank up in good spirits. Which makes more sense 'cause it really didn't add up that a band such as Prop would actually do something as stupid as steal the poor guys' beer! Sorry dudes!

Up-up-update: Looks like it was Prop afterall! I responded to the second message and got this back from Todd.

------------- message 3 ----------------

Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 15:38:51 -0500

hey, was me from prop who emailed problem ,man.these things
happen.take care .....keep on rockin most of all!!see ya out there