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We've played a number of gigs with the Dayglos. The first time we were in British Columbia we had Steve Goof from BunchoFuckinGoofs along with us for the tour. Because both Steve and Drool are buds with these guys (from the BFG fort days), the Dayglos rolled out their living room rugs for us. When we played Victoria Bonehead put us up at his place for a couple days. When we were in Vancouver Mike Jack put us up at his place for a few days. There are a number of audio clips on the "Urine the 90s Now" CD that come from that tour. The clip of Steve having the "first drink of the day" was recorded the morning after playing Boneheads basement with Coffin Break. We were in Boneheads backyard and his neighbour (can't remember his name) came over with the goods... The "Thetis Lake" clip was taken the same day - we were going for a swim. This place has an amazing cliff/diving rock. While we were there we saw someone swiming the length of the lake with their dog (a black lab). Our tour guide (Bonehead's neighbour "whathisname") pitched a closed can of beer off the cliff out into the lake with the intention of jumping off after it (don't try this stunt at home kids!). Anyway, the beer landed about 30 yards from the dog. The dog being a black Labrador retriever decided that the beer was meant for him and swam away from his owner after the beer.. So "whathisname" jumped off the cliff and the race for the beer began... The dog beat him but wasn't interested so the story had a happy ending! Anyway, the hidden clip at the end of the CD - Oops, I guess I shouldn't have said that... - is us trying to find the club we played the first night we were in Victoria. Bonehead and Creten came down to hang with us before the show. One last thing about the Dayglos - we recently recorded a song of theirs for a tribute CD that will be out in late 1999. I've placed a CD quality real audio version (1.4 mb) of it here just for your listening pleasure - Enjoy!