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This show was at the Bronx club in Edmonton. We were on tour at the time. We had this place booked for our own show until the day before when we got a call at the club we were playing at in Saskatoon saying that Bad Brains had bumped us and we were no longer playing. We were pissed but after a couple of calls we managed to get on the bill. Trigger Happy were also on the bill as they were touring with Bad Brains. It was a fuckin' amazing show! The place was PACKED to the rafters with a minimum of 1200 hot sweaty bodies. Trigger Happy started things off and by the time we got on stage the audience was revved. The show was going well until about halfway through and then all of a sudden Mudd disappeared! We kept playing and before the song was finished he had returned. It turned out he had busted a bass string and went downstairs to the dressing room. The guys from Bad Brains were floored at how fast he changed the string! That's no small feat when you consider how long the average Random Killing tune is! Bad Brains went on next and rocked the house. At the end of the evening the club screwed us out of our guarantee. They were whining that Bad Brains were expensive! (Blah, blah...). So they gave us a third of what we were promised - pricks!!! Let me seen now... 1200 people at $10 each plus bar sales... hmmm, I wonder if the show made money?