What can I say - "Armed and Hammered" rule! We've played with them a gazillion times and I never get bored of listening to or watching them - drunkcore at it's finest! Their existence has been a bit of a soap opera with the number of band re-orgs but they always pull it together and it always rocks!

As a special treat I'm going to let you hear a bootleg of a few of their tunes. I recorded a demo for them many moons ago (1995) and just found a cassette with a few tunes on it. These recordings are live off the floor with no mixing or overdubs. It was just left recording while they were doing their session. I only have three tunes (464, boredom and practical joke). I just let the tunes roll along with the talking in between so what you are getting is a 10 minute slice of life from the session. If I find the rest I'll add to the collection (don't cross your fingers - I've got a million tapes - most without labels).

Armed and Hammered don't know I've put these here! So let's just keep it our little secret - Enjoy!

(audio link temporarily removed - files missing)