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What Mike said...
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We appeared on the Mike Bullard show Jan 14, 1998. Back then it was broadcast live to air and the studio was located in Wayne Gretsky's sports bar. In a newspaper interview of the same year he recounted some of the show's most memorable moments. This is what he had to say about Random Killing... (At the end of this article you can watch the clips)

Toronto Sun, June 8, 1998 - Open Mike keeps 'em rolling - Jim Slotek - Comedy.

...He [Mike Bullard] also recalls tension with punk band Random Killing. "A whole section of the audience was taken over by their bike courier friends. And they were pickin' up chairs to throw at the stage. Kevin Donahue came in from the truck, 250 pounds, big guy, he leaned on the railing and they stopped.

"The lead singer had the little bass player in his lap and he turned to me and said, "Man, I really like you. I really dig the show." And the little guy says, "Well, I don't like you, I can't f------ stand you."

"And I turned to him and said, "See the red light on the camera over there? When it comes back on, you step outta line once I'm gonna make mincemeat outta you. And if you think I'm kidding, just try it." And the normal people are cheering 'cause I was taking control. And the little guy turns to me and says, "Man, I was just kiddin'. I really like ya'."

Memory sure is a strange thing! The way we recall the show was like this... We were invited to be the night's musical guests. Which means you play a tune and then get lost. We were enjoying the fine hospitality in the green room. Eating the munchies and getting drunk. We played "Dishwasher" and got off stage. Next up was a comedian from New York City. He pretty much got the big cane 'cause he was a huge racist. Claimed he grew up in a black neighbourhood so it was okay for him to make fun. Anyway, Mike was supposed to interview the guy but they went to a commercial first. During the commercial they kicked his ass out the door and asked us to fill in the remaining time with an interview. Drew (lead singer) and Mark (little bass player that is actually our lead guitar) went up and were completely insane. It was hilarious but I think they took Mike by surprise. After the show we had a drink with Mike and he invited us back (they never did :). We laughed when we read the above newspaper article 'cause we knew he would remember the show!!!

See for yourself! Random Killing on Open Mike with Mike Bullard (CTV - Jan 14, 1998)
Performance - on RK's facebook video page
Interview (not available on-line at the moment)