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Welcome CD coverPicture if you will a six panel foldout, tons of colour fluorescent hell photos, all the lyrics, a band photo and the Holy Bio... Coming soon to this page! Yippie! For now you'll have to settle for the CD cover. It's a photo of Drool on stage during a fluorescent hell show. Aside from painting our backdrop banners and costumes he also took great pride in making effigies of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney which he destroyed on stage. His effigies were spectacular! I think they contained an old family recipe for embalming (his father and sister are undertakers). He use to hollow out a melon and fill it with fluorescent paint and rice. He would then put a mask over the melon and sit it on top of a body. During the song "We're Sick" he would slug Mulroney's head off with a gulf club and cover the audience with fluorescent ooze! Drool fucked up a lot of club monitors, video projectors and ceilings with melon brains. He also managed to take an extra head off one night (and didn't even notice). An over zealous audience member got a little too close and was the unlucky winner of a Random Killing show souvenir - a free ambulance ride to the hospital complete with stitches. For those of you that missed it we've got it on video tape... it looks really painful in slow motion. Oouch!!!