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Thoughts of Aggression
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A little rock'n'roll trivia about these sessions... While we were doing the overdub sessions for this CD a rockstar strolled into the control room. Yes, Sebastian Bach (Skidrow - Vocals) graced us with his presence. These where his immortal words "Hey, guys! How's it going?" He was apparently there to visit one of the MetalWorks owners (Gill Moore - Triumph drummer) to view a New Years Eve live concert television special they had recorded. Anyway, that's our brush with hair - I mean fame.

Another aside... We didn't realize it until a couple of weeks later but my amplifier had been stolen from the studio's storage area. We were getting together for a rehearsal and Mudd realized he didn't have my amp. He called to ask if I had it and I replied I thought he had it. We called the studio to see if it was there but alas it was gone... But not forgotten, as it has been immortalized forever more on this recording. A couple days later my cabinets were stolen from Mudd's car while sitting in front of his house - how's that for luck?!

But the story has a happy ending - Luckily both thefts were insured so I got BIGGER AND BETTER stuff than the thieves did! Thanks dudes! ;-)