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Sorry, just the facts ma'm... Released in 1993 by Raw Energy Records this CD consists of two previously released records, "This Whole World" (1989) and "Take Our Flag" (1985), plus a song called "Borrowed Time" which didn't fit onto the "Kicked in the Nuts" (1990) 7 inch . The first eight songs are sung by V. Dumpster who was in the band for the year of 1989. Previously he had made his debut as a newscaster in our 1986 video "Take Our Flag". The next seven songs are sung by Rodney Wastelands who was in the band from it's inception until 1988, and the last song is sung by Drool who joined the band in 1990 and is still in the current lineup. Drums on all songs are played by deadbeat and billy clubz (see about this CD). Bass is by Mudd and guitars are by Rusty Talent, both are still in the band and are part of the original lineup. Blah, blah, blah... we'll be adding some photos and stories to this page!