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About this CD
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This CD started off as a demo... We had written 14 new tunes that were totally different than anything we had done previous and just wanted to bang them off in the studio and sit back and listen to see what they actually sounded like. Part way through the recording it was decided that they would in fact be our next CD. The biggest influence for the change in direction were our newest band members. Mike Rosenthal on drums and Mark "Guy Le Rock" Watts on guitar. Mike played for us back in 1985 when he was fourteen but then left after a year. After leaving he played for a thousand other bands the most notable being Sacrifice. When our previous drummer left the band (Sean - Suckerpunch) we asked Mike if he would help us out in making a live album back in November 1994 (Urine the 90s Now). To our benefit he stuck around a little longer than we expected! In December 1995 Mike brought in a long time friend as second guitar - Mark Watts. Mark's the speed metal queen and the one who kicked it up a notch. Mark's bro played bass in Sacrifice...

Recorded: 1997