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About this CD
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jim fluorescent hellFor most people this was all new material. In fact, six of these songs had been previously released on "Kicked in the Nuts" (1990), a 7-inch that was released by Resistance Records in Zurich, Switzerland (not the white power record company!). At this point in the bands history the "fluorescent hell" stage show had evolved to it's max. We eventually scrapped the show because most of our lights got busted and our banners got buried in someone's basement... Actually, I think laziness was the biggest factor - it took a ton'o'time to setup, teardown and lug around! The song "Kicked in the Nuts" is a true story about Drool. If you read the lyrics to this song you'll get the whole story. If you look around ("Use the force, Luke...") you may even stumble across an unbelievable true-life photo of Drool in the hospital...Warning: This photo maybe painful to male viewers...Ooouch!!!!! Check out the CD artwork for more true-life fluorescent hell horror stories.

Recorded: 1992