Thoughts of Aggression
About this CD
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This CD is our HEAVIEST production-wise. It also has some wicked tunes on it (another one of those unbiased opinions). We recorded this CD at MetalWorks Studios Toronto. For any of you rockers out there the studio is owned and operated by former Triumph band members. Our engineer (Mark Peters - at the time a recent graduate from the recording engineering music industry arts program at Fanshawe College) was HOT SHIT! The sounds he got where HUGE. The drum room in this place was actually a huge warehouse with 20 or 30 foot ceilings. It was very bizarre to see Sean's drums setup in the middle of this room (I'll post some photos sometime). I was skeptical until I heard the sounds Mark got. We all wet ourselves. An now you can too - for free! Just go to the CD samples page and download all the tunes at CD quality in mp3 format. :-)

Recorded: 1994